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A travel consent is required when a minor is travelling alone or in a group, with only one parent or a legal guardian.

It is a legal travel document that authorizes a child to travel without presence of either parent or a legal guardian.

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Child Travel Consent FAQs


What is a child travel consent also known as?

A child travel consent is also known as the following: child travel consent form, consent letter for travel, travel consent letter, or travel authorization letter/form.


What is a child travel consent form?

The child travel consent is a consent letter that grants authorization for a minor to travel alone or with another adult, and without their parents or legal guardians.  This travel consent is required for both domestic and international travels when the parents or legal guardians are not present for the trip.  Consider having a child travel consent form for each leg of the travel if the itinerary has multiple stops, especially for longer trips.


What age is considered a minor?

In most jurisdictions, once a person turns 18, that is the age of majority and that individual is considered an adult, however there are other jurisdictions that use 19 to 21 as the threshold.  Typically, child travel consent forms are used for individuals under 18 years of age.


Why do you need a child travel consent form?

Child abduction is an issue that’s taken seriously by the authorities at the borders.  A child travel consent is proof that the child has received parental consent to travel. Without signing a child travel consent, authorities at the border may prevent or delay your child’s travel plans.

There are many situations that require the use of a child travel consent, for example:

  • When the parents are legally separated, the child is traveling with only one parent. 
  • When the child is traveling with a sports team, religious organization, or during a school trip.
  • When the child is studying away from home in a boarding school.
  • When the child is traveling with extended family such as aunts, uncles, and grandparents.
  • When the child is traveling alone to meet extended family or parent/legal guardian.


Do I need to notarize my child travel consent form?

It is strongly recommended to have your child travel consent form notarized despite that it is not required in all jurisdictions.  Having a notarized child travel consent form is the best proof that your child has permission to travel and will prevent any potential delays from border agents during your child’s travel.