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About Us

We are truly a Canadian company with its headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta.

Ziji Legal Forms (“Ziji”) offers custom legal forms to its customers. Our purpose is to provide high quality legal products that can be easily drafted by the customer to be used across various jurisdictions in the United States and Canada. We are helping millions of people in gaining access to legal forms at very affordable prices.

We value quality over quantity and prefer building a strong brand of trust. Our user-friendly web application allows any user to create high quality legal forms in minutes.

Our Values

Affordable and Accessible Law

Innovation and Giving back

Authentic & Simple


Consistency & Quality

Attention to detail

Commitment & Trust

Customer Centric

Our Story

Ziji Legal Forms was founded with one simple goal in our minds, and it was to bridge the gap between law and technology in order to empower people to do more things easily in their lives with our legal documents.

We developed a secured and easy to use proprietary system that enables our customer to create legal documents themselves within minutes at a very reasonable price. It is our mission to provide a helping hand to enable our customers to help and to protect themselves with self created legal documents for every day life situations.

We are very proud to have a strong team of talented professionals from the legal and information technology industries with decades of experience. Our products empower people by giving them access to high quality legal documents and contracts that they can understand an depend on. Whether it is renting a property, selling a used car, or starting a new business relationship. We can help you do that with our documents.

We are always looking to improve our services and strongly believe in customer satisfaction. Our product offerings continue to expand and more templates will be added frequently to better serve our customers' needs to ensure everyone will have access to legal documents easily.